Saturday, October 11, 2008

PCC Soccer Makes East L.A. Their Hood

Both PCC men's and women's soccer team won their games 3-1 and 1-0, respectively, Friday night at East Los Angeles College.
As of the women's, the girls played an excellent game where the level of technique was notorious and made the difference in the game. Again, PCC forward and team's top scorer, Melissa Fudge, gathered another goal as she scored from the P.K. line in the first half of the game. The Huskies would eventually have a P.K. in their favor that they couldn't take advantage of because of the great paradon made by Lancers goalkeeper Randi Richardson.
The women's soccer team pulled its first victory in the South Coast Conference, I hope they can keep up with this ganador spirit.
Later on that day, the men's soccer team won at East L.A. for the first time in three years. Sin duda, the player of the game was Jose Antonio Cortez, who scored two goals and also forced a Huskie defender to score an own goal. He was imparable in the right.
I will be uploading a video with the highlights, soon.
I just want to everyone know that Tuesday, it is El Clasico for the Lancers. PCC, second in the SCC with nine points, will play the SCC leader Cerritos College, with 10, in a game that will promise good soccer!

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