Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PCC Women's Soccer Lost 5-1 in Conference Opener. Como Duele!

Alyssa Becerra, left, is contragulated by teammate Melissa Fudge for her goal during PCC's loss, 5-1, against the Mountaineers (Photo Courtesy of Richard Quinton)

Losing el clasico, 5-1, it hurts!
The Mt. SAC's women soccer team's offense dominated PCC throughout the game, not letting the Lancers have any comebacks. The only bright side of the game was Alyssa Becerra, who scored the only goal. Now, wake up, Long Beach on Friday!

PCC Men's Soccer Ranked No. 3 in State After Defeating Mt. SAC

Sargis Agaronian celebrates one of his two goals, teammate Gilbert Pogosyan (#14) tries to be part of el festejo. (Picture Courtesy by Richard Quinton)

Ccsoccernews (the organization in charge of the California Community College Soccer news) announced that Pasadena City College men's soccer is now ranked No. 3 in the state after outplaying Mt. SAC, 3-0, Tuesday, at the Mountaineer's home field.
Sargis Agaronian played a key role in the game as he gathered two goals in the game. While teammate James Hernandez scored a Golazo 35 yards out.
According to reports coming live from the field, the defense was the highlight of the game as the blank Mt. SAC to have any scoring opportunities.
Now PCC is 1-0-0 in the South Coast Conference, 6-1-0 overall, while Mt. SAC is 0-1-0, 7-2-1.
In the same conference, Cerritos College beat Compton, 2-1, and LA Harbor defeated ELAC, 4-2.
As a former player for PCC, I am really proud and I just wanted to say that the men's soccer team is bringing the pride that for a long time we didn't have en la cancha.