Friday, October 31, 2008

PCC men's soccer team vs. Compton today; Women's have a bye

Right defender Bryant Castillo will start in the PCC's first eleven after missing Tuesday's game due to a red card. PCC vs. Compton, today. (Photo Courtesy by Richard Quinton)

Pasadena City College men's soccer team will play against Compton College, a team that PCC has already beaten in the first round by 2-1. The game will start today 3 p.m. at PCC's Robinson Stadium.
PCC is coming pumped up from Tuesday's game, where they gathered a very valuable triumph from Long Beach as they defeated LBCC 1-0.
Defender Albrik Tahmasian was the author of the only goal of the game.
The win helped the Lancers to lift their power points as well as their ranking in the state standings. Now, the Lancers are No. 3 in the state and first in the South Coast Conference.
Counting today’s game, they are five games left in the season, and as the Lancers plan to clinch the conference, they only depend on themselves.
As of the women’s, they will have a bye since Compton College does not have a women’s soccer team.

More games in the SCC for today:

Long Beach CC @ Mt. SAC - Definitely an important game that whoever loses will start to say good bye to the first spot in the SCC

Cerritos @ Harbor – same as above.

El Camino @ East LA – Probably, the game with less importance in the conference.

Now the standings in the SCC are:
1-PCC 21pts.
2- Cerritos 19
3-Mt. SAC 19
4- LBCC 17
5-Harbor 11
6-Compton 10
7-ELAC 3
8- El Camino 2

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boom! Maradona: Argentina's New Head Coach

Carlos Bilardo, left, will be helping Diego Armando Maradona, right, to manage the Argentinean National Soccer Team. (Photo Courtesy of

Yes, it's official.
Diego Armando Maradona will be in charge of the Argentinean National Soccer team.
Yeah, it might be a bomb since most people didn't expect it.
I was expecting it.
Argentina needed a change, needed someone who truly understands what it is to be in a World Cup and how to win it.
Maradona can give that.
However, Maradona will have to be working with his leadership. A leadership has to be organized, a quality that, for many, Maradona lost it due to his past health issues.

Yura Movsisyan Awaits For Chivas USA

As many of you guys know or maybe not, Yura Movsisyan (pictured in the right with the white jersey. photo courtesy by Richard Quinton) scored the tying goal against Colorado Rapids this past Sunday. His goal allowed Real Salt Lake to clinch the third spot in the MLS Western Standings.
As I talked to him in the phone, yesterday, he said: "I am happy for scoring the goal, but I am happier because we are in the playoffs."
Throughout the conversation he just seemed very calm and focus.
And, the latter one has been the reason why he is succeeding in the MLS, his focus on doing things right had led him to be the starting forward at RSL, after two irregular seasons at Kansas City Wizards.
We'll see how does he do against Chivas USA, I just wish him the best.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomorrow: PCC vs. Long Beach, Big Game

PCC will need to play with pure concentration as they face Long Beach tomorrow at la playa. (photo courtesy by Richard Quinton)

After losing last Friday against Mt. SAC, 3-2, at home, PCC is looking to keep its first spot as they face the Long Beach City College's Vikings in what might be one of the two most critical games (the other one is against Cerritos at their home) if the Lancers aspire to win the South Coast Conference.
After losing against LBCC in the first round, the Lancers already know what player they have to keep an eye on throughout the game.
His name, Manuel Batista. His jersey's number, 18.
The Lancers won't count with right defender Bryant Castillo for tomorrow's game since he has a game off due to a red card issued to him during the game against the Mounties. Castillo's spot will be replaced by Dario Orozco or Edward Orellana.
So, the probable roster (4-4-2) for tomorrow is: Jorge Sainz; Orozco or Orellana, Albrik Tahmasian, Malcolm Linton, Dante Bruno-Lopez; Jose Cortez, James Hernandez, Gilbert Pogosyan, Alan De Leon; Ando Ghevandyan and Ivan Nava.
As of the women's, the soccer team will face a mediocre Long Beach. Both teams are knocking on the door to make the playoffs, so this would be an important game to define both team's future.
All I have to say is Suerte, Buena Suerte.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

PCC Men's Soccer Stays Strong; Women's, Levantando La Cabeza

Top Picture, PCC's Alan De Leon, in burgundy, tries to cut in against two Harbor's defenders in PCC's 5-3 win. Bottom Picture, Alexa Weigand holds the ball during PCC's 5-0 triumph. (Photo Courtesy of PCC Courier staff Daniel Lottes)

Yes, they are hot.
They are on fire.
The PCC men's soccer team gathered their fifth consecutive victory after defeating El Camino College, 3-1, last Friday, and Los Angeles Harbor College, 5-3, Today.
Now, the men's soccer team is the leading team in the South Coast Conference after 7 games played. The Lancers have 18 points and Long Beach City College is behind them with 14 points. LBCC reached the second position after defeating Cerritos College, 1-0.
Against Harbor, Ando Ghevandyan scored the first goal with an exquisite definition after a pass from Alan De Leon in the eight minute. Yet, Harbor would come back to tie the game 1-1 and subsequentely, 2-2 in the first half.
However, in the second half, the Lancers came back to the game with the winning mentality as they scored three goals in 13 minutes. Jose Cortez (had two goals against ECC), Gilbert Pogosyan, and James Hernandez (he ended up with 2 goals in the game) each scored in the second period to lift the Lancers 5-2, and to clinch another victory.
Just for the stats, Harbor's Alex Chavez (had a hattrick) put a P.K. in the net in the 76th minute, just to cut the distance in the score box.
As of the women's soccer team, the Lancers defeated Harbor, 5-0, yesterday and tied ECC, 2-2, last Friday.
Yes, they are hot (yes, they are!).
They are on fire... only when Melissa Fudge and Alexa Weigand wake up.
With Fudge and Weigand active in the game, PCC women's soccer team is a whole another team.
It is a team that has the three G's (in Spanish)... it is a team that Gana, Gusta y Golea.
An example from what I just said can be best justified with Fudge's three goals in the game and her assist to teammate Weigand to give the Lancers the second victory of the conference season.
Now, the women's team is 7-5-1 overall, 2-3-1 in the SCC, and is trying to get into the playoffs' spots.

River - Boca, Disappointing Superclásico

Diego Buonanotte lleva el balón ante la marca de Sebastián Battaglia. (Photo Courtesy of

Sorry guys for not posting anything lately. The truth is I got sick after a overloading week and it got worse after River - Boca game over the weekend.
Definitely, the superclásico was a waste of time.
I am not saying this because I hate the fact that River lost (FYI: I am a "Millonarios" River fan). But, I hate the fact that the game has lost its essence of the game.
The games from 10 years ago were more dynamic and had more scoring chances, it used to display the fútbol that every soccer fan likes.
Now, it is pure crap.
Both teams played the game with precaution, nobody wanted to risk anything, and that was the outcome of the game. 1 - 0 for Boca y para la casa.

Friday, October 17, 2008

No Coach for Argentina, Basile's Out

Basile and myself. Now that "Coco" does not have a job, he could be helping me out with my blog.

Desde Pasadena, From Pasadena to Buenos Aires, Argentina, it was expected that Alfio "El Coco" Basile was going to resign if he was not able to get two positive results in the past two games for the World Cup Qualifier.
And, Basile didn't get them.
Por qué?
Playing defensively at Chile and having Chile physically fitter than us were examples of the lack of training coming from an incapable coach, who never knew how to work with stars and players. Come on now, you have Messi, Aguero, Mascherano, Zanetti, Cambiasso, etc., and you know how to make them play? That is because Basile never worked with his players.
For months, “El Coco” has been talking about giving the liberty to Messi and Riquelme to do whatever they want in the field, which is good, yet I think that liberty was so excessive that he never work with the players during practices, which is bad.
With Bielsa, or even Batista (he coaches the Argentina’s U-20 and coach the Gold-medalist Olympic team), Argentina era otra, you had players that wanted to play, stars that were treated as players, and the most important thing to bring a good team, work ethic.
Now, Argentina is looking for a new head coach. Candidates for that opening: Simeone, Maradona, Batista, Russo…or even Pasadena City College head coach, Cherif Zein?
By the way, the latter one will have his Lancers playing today against El Camino College at Torrance. Definitely a great game to watch, I’ll be staying at home since I’ve been overload with homework and Basile has made me sick.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PCC Men's Soccer Team is 'On Fire'; Women's, Nah

PCC men's soccer team is, now, the leader of the South Coast Conference, after defeating Cerritos College, 3-1, today, at PCC's Robinson Stadium.

Since the first minute of the game, PCC's showed that they were going to play the game with huevos, and the results didn't take long to come. Forwards Jose Cortez and Sargis Agaronian pressured the Cerritos defenders to commit their first error as they gave a corner away for PCC in just two minutes into the game. The first goal of the match came from that corner. PCC coach Cherif Zein's set play was well executed by the Lancers, as James Hernandez crossed a low and hard ball into the first post, which landed in Ando Ghevandyan's foot, to put the Lancers up, 1-0. In the 30th minute, Malcom Linton - Damn, I already lost count of how many assists he has - assisted 'Gattuso' (nickname of Cortez for his look like the Professional soccer player) with a 40-yard free-kick, which ended in the net after the latter headed in.

2-0, and it was a justified partial victory. PCC was more dynamic and efficient than the Falcons.

Cerritos would shorten the distance in the score before the end of the first half, yet PCC had the last word as James Hernandez score a free-kick and set the final score, 3-1.

Now, PCC leads the SCC with 13 points, followed by Cerritos and Mt. SAC, both with 10. Now, PCC will play on Friday against El Camino College. I don't know what will be PCC's new ranking in the state, but you guys can check it out at CCSoccer.

For the women's, former PCC and now Cerritos midfielder, Elba Menjivar (pictured on the left, #7) will have a good sleep tonight, after she promised a goal against her former team, days before the game. Menjivar scored the last of Falcon's three goals. What I just don't understand is why are the girls in the team looking for a tie playing at home against Cerritos when they know if they play cabeza a cabeza, they can get a win.

I don't know, I don't want to go in details, but I just want to clarify that PCC women's soccer lost at home, playing defensively.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

PCC Soccer Makes East L.A. Their Hood

Both PCC men's and women's soccer team won their games 3-1 and 1-0, respectively, Friday night at East Los Angeles College.
As of the women's, the girls played an excellent game where the level of technique was notorious and made the difference in the game. Again, PCC forward and team's top scorer, Melissa Fudge, gathered another goal as she scored from the P.K. line in the first half of the game. The Huskies would eventually have a P.K. in their favor that they couldn't take advantage of because of the great paradon made by Lancers goalkeeper Randi Richardson.
The women's soccer team pulled its first victory in the South Coast Conference, I hope they can keep up with this ganador spirit.
Later on that day, the men's soccer team won at East L.A. for the first time in three years. Sin duda, the player of the game was Jose Antonio Cortez, who scored two goals and also forced a Huskie defender to score an own goal. He was imparable in the right.
I will be uploading a video with the highlights, soon.
I just want to everyone know that Tuesday, it is El Clasico for the Lancers. PCC, second in the SCC with nine points, will play the SCC leader Cerritos College, with 10, in a game that will promise good soccer!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

South Coast Conference, the Toughest One

This year's South Coast Conference should be the toughest in years. Why? It's simple, Pasadena City College (#6), Cerritos (#5), Mt. SAC(#4), and Long Beach (#9) are all ranked within the top 10 teams in the state of California. Plus you have Los Angeles Harbor and Compton, which have improved a lot compared to last year. It would be a great opportunity for the players to show off theirs skills while they are in this conference. Remember, this conference attracts University scouts like no other.
Going in details about yesterday's PCC men's soccer game. PCC won its second game in the SCC, Tuesday, 2-1 against Compton.
Compton had the initial lead in the 16th minute, after Compton's captain, Nelson Guevara, executed a penalty kick on to the net. Yet, minutes later, in the 31st minute, PCC's defender Malcolm Linton, yes again, assisted teammate Albrick Tamasian with a throw-in.
It didn't take much time for PCC to settle the final score as midfielder James Hernandez scored a free kick that fortunately for the Lancers it bounced just before when the Compton's keeper was about to catch it.
The women's soccer team did not play because Compton College does not have a women's soccer team.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

PCC Men's Soccer: Se Les Escapó de las Manos

In the No. 18s' duel, Long Beach's Manuel Batista's contribution helped the Vikings to gather another victory against James Hernandez and his Lancers, 4-3, last Friday. (photo courtesy by Richard Quinton)

Man, I have to admit it. Long Beach has been PCC's PAPA for the past three years. Why am saying that? Well, the last time that PCC beat Long Beach or "Playa Larga" was back in 2005 when PCC had the now MLS Real Salt Lake Forward Yura Movsisyan. Going in details about the game, PCC lost to Long Beach 4-3, last Friday, at home and it sucks the fact that PCC Lancers had the initial lead two times but they weren't able to handle it. The key player for the Vikings's victory was, sin duda, Manuel Batista, #18. Batista just dominated the game from half-field and up, and he did what smart playmakers do, provoking the defenders with trash-talking take them out of the focus in the game. There is a lot to learn, PCC will play Compton tomorrow, a possible win. Buena Suerte!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Short Clip of Mexico - Chile at the Coliseum

This is a video that I submitted as a VO/SOT/VO assignment for my TV news production class, I will have an entire clip of the game later on, it is just that due to school midterms as well as internship and work, I don't have that much free time to edit the videos. Hope you understand, Arroz Latino