Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PCC Men's Soccer Team is 'On Fire'; Women's, Nah

PCC men's soccer team is, now, the leader of the South Coast Conference, after defeating Cerritos College, 3-1, today, at PCC's Robinson Stadium.

Since the first minute of the game, PCC's showed that they were going to play the game with huevos, and the results didn't take long to come. Forwards Jose Cortez and Sargis Agaronian pressured the Cerritos defenders to commit their first error as they gave a corner away for PCC in just two minutes into the game. The first goal of the match came from that corner. PCC coach Cherif Zein's set play was well executed by the Lancers, as James Hernandez crossed a low and hard ball into the first post, which landed in Ando Ghevandyan's foot, to put the Lancers up, 1-0. In the 30th minute, Malcom Linton - Damn, I already lost count of how many assists he has - assisted 'Gattuso' (nickname of Cortez for his look like the Professional soccer player) with a 40-yard free-kick, which ended in the net after the latter headed in.

2-0, and it was a justified partial victory. PCC was more dynamic and efficient than the Falcons.

Cerritos would shorten the distance in the score before the end of the first half, yet PCC had the last word as James Hernandez score a free-kick and set the final score, 3-1.

Now, PCC leads the SCC with 13 points, followed by Cerritos and Mt. SAC, both with 10. Now, PCC will play on Friday against El Camino College. I don't know what will be PCC's new ranking in the state, but you guys can check it out at CCSoccer.

For the women's, former PCC and now Cerritos midfielder, Elba Menjivar (pictured on the left, #7) will have a good sleep tonight, after she promised a goal against her former team, days before the game. Menjivar scored the last of Falcon's three goals. What I just don't understand is why are the girls in the team looking for a tie playing at home against Cerritos when they know if they play cabeza a cabeza, they can get a win.

I don't know, I don't want to go in details, but I just want to clarify that PCC women's soccer lost at home, playing defensively.

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