Friday, November 14, 2008

PCC Loses, Cerritos Champs!

Jorge Sainz, right with yellow jersey, was the only one that performed at his best on PCC's 2-0 loss against L.A. Harbor College. (Photo Courtesy by Richard Quinton)

Cerritos College men's soccer team clinched the South Coast Conference title after defeating Long Beach City College, 4-0.
Pasadena City College could have done so, if they would have beaten Los Angeles Harbor College.
Yet, it never happened.
PCC played with no huevos, and lost 2-0.
Harbor dominated the game from the first minute as they controlled the possession of the ball and showed a winning attitude.
PCC did not have any of those qualities to win the game and they suffered.
Lancers' goalkeeper Jorge Sainz was the only one in the team who had a great performance despite of the loss. Sainz made save after save, yet his defense did not help him.
Now, the Lancers' future for the playoff is still uncertain. If they maintain their standing within the top three they will have a bye for the playoffs, but ccsoccernews hasn't updated the website.
Es una pena que hayan perdido, but as I said to the players there is nothing else that you can do but to start thinking on the playoffs.
On a good note, the PCC women's soccer team say good-bye to its sophomores with a win. PCC defeated Harbor, 2-0. And with this win they closed their 2008 season with a 10-8-1 overall record, 5-6-1 in the season.

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